How To: A Automobile Stereo Installation Guide And Components

Automobile Stereo Installation Guide – Every time you drive by car, it’s incomplete if it’s not accompanied by music. Especially when driving far away, alone, or blocked by traffic jams on the streets.

Of course, music is more pleasant to hear if car audio support is what you want. However, there are still many cars that are only equipped with a standard audio system from the factory.

As a result, the quality of the sound produced is inadequate. However, you don’t need to worry, OtoFriends can easily modify the car’s audio system so that the

Before making modifications, besides understanding the OtoFriends car audio installation scheme, you also need to know what components are needed.

Below we will give you a complete and clear review of the How To: A Automobile Stereo Installation Guide And Components. For a full explanation, see the following !!

Automobile Stereo Installation Guide

How the hell is good car audio? This is a matter of perception and taste, everyone is different. Now for yourself, try sitting in your car, playing your favorite music. Now turn up the volume.


Try adding the treeble, have you listened to the sound of the treeble properly? if not kaka you need to upgrade the audio. Likewise with the bass. But before you actually upgrade your car’s audio system, it would be nice for you to understand what needs to be improved.

1. Speaker

There’s no right or wrong way to go about car audio, and the best thing for built-in audio is that replacing any component will result in at least a small improvement.

If you work with limited funds, don’t worry because you can still do a number of things to improve the quality of your audio.

You can even replace the audio components individually, according to the availability of your budget and you end up with a completely custom car sound system.

If you choose to pay for component additions, then it’s a good idea to plan about what you want for your audio. With proper planning you will eventually have it all and the audio will work very well.

One good upgrade for the budget novice is to start by replacing the speakers. Factory speakers are usually pretty weak or sub-optimal, so you might get a big audio boost just by replacing your front speakers.

If you decide to replace with new speakers, it’s a good thing to check whether the new speakers will fit into your existing head unit. And if you have plans to upgrade your head unit in the future, then you should consider that too.

2. Upgrading The Audio System

Everyone has a different opinion about car audio, and some people like factory-built head units. If your car is equipped with an integrated head unit model.

So it is very difficult to replace it, so there are several ways to improve the sound without changing the default head unit.

  • The first step is to replace your manufacturer’s speakers with premium quality speakers. Quality speakers are made of high-quality materials, so they will sound better and last longer than factory default speakers. Replacing the speakers alone will usually result in a major sound improvement.
  • Second, if you want to level up your audio system, then you might consider adding a power amplifier. Most amplifiers use line inputs, but if the default head unit is not equipped with an output line to the amplifier, then you cannot use an amplifier unless you replace the default head unit with a custom head unit that has output lines to the amplifier or subwoofer.
  • Third, while you can add one or more amplifiers, you also have the option of adding a subwoofer. A subwoofer will provide richer bass, but you can also add an audio processor to enhance the sound across all of your speakers.

3. Head Unit

If you are not satisfied with your car’s built-in stereo, then you may want to replace it with a cleaner one. That’s fine, but there are so many options on the market that it can be confusing.

If you want to build an audio system from the ground up, then you can start with the head unit. You may want to have a head unit capable of fully powering the speakers.

On the other hand, you can also use a head unit that has a line output so you can use an amplifier capable of giving your speakers a full kick.

There are so many options when you’re building a car stereo system from the ground up, so it’s common for many beginners to shy away from such drastic changes.

If you really want totals, then you might want to start by considering the types of features you want from your car stereo unit, which can help you find the perfect head unit.

You may also want to use split/full range or coaxial speakers. Or you want to add a sub-woofer, everything can be considered from the start.

4. Adding Power Amplifier And Subwoofer

If you want something simpler you can add just a subwoofer, but if you want to add an amplifier and a subwoofer it will give you more flexibility. On the other hand, adding a subwoofer is a great way to get a bigger bass kick.

Adding a power amplifier plus bigger speakers is enough to increase your audio power, and you can add a subwoofer and amplifier later if you want even more majestic bass.

5. Do The Correct Installation

Maybe one day you want to sell your car back, but not with your car’s audio system, so you have to take the correct installation steps.

For that you need harness cables that are already designed for your car, so you don’t have to cut any wires in your car’s built-in audio system.

For security the cables must be installed neatly. Use a cable for voltage/battery that is 4WG in size, speaker cable 12-18WG, and for input/output cables, of course you have to use RCA cables which have good noise reduction. Tips keep this RCA cable away from the speaker cable and battery cable, then attach the gound properly.

Components Automobile Stereo


1. Connect Cables

The first step, choose the right cable to connect to audio devices and various power sources. The cable functions to distribute electrical power to each car audio component.

Make sure each cable is neatly arranged, not peeled off, not piled up, and connected properly to prevent a short circuit.

2. Enter The Flow of Electricity From The Battery

If all the cables are connected, OtoFriends needs to enter the power source which is obtained from the positive and negative battery heads.

3. Add Power Amplifier

So that the battery is not overdrawn, install a power amplifier. This device does not require constant power.

Please note, when connecting the power amplifier, OtoFriends must be careful with the cable used. Make sure the connecting cable is neatly attached and covered with tape so it doesn’t short out.

4. Connect the Power Amplifier to the Speakers and Subwoofer

In order for the sound produced from car audio to be maximized, connect the amplifier with the speaker and subwoofer devices. Installing an amplifier can produce clearer, louder, and more pronounced bass.

Having adequate car audio quality certainly adds to driving comfort. So that every car component lasts, don’t forget to service it regularly by using the online booking feature on the Otoklix application and find the nearest repair shop via Otoklix.

The Correct Way to Car Audio Settings

Actually, you can do the car audio settings yourself or self-taught. Because car audio settings are not much different from other audio systems.

However, before discussing how to set the correct and easy car audio, please note that the car audio system consists of a head unit and several speakers.

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In fact, in premium cars there are added tweeters, power amplifiers, and compact sized subwoofers. If these components are arranged correctly and completely, the sound produced will be clearer and clearer so that drivers and passengers can enjoy music comfortably while on the go.

However, if you only want to hear music with a clear and clear sound, you don’t need to have such a complete component. Just setting the audio correctly is enough to produce a good sound and is pleasant to hear.

Here’s how to install the correct car audio to produce clear and pleasant sound.

1. Audio Settings To Position 0

The first way to set car audio is to change all audio settings to position 0. The trick is to enter the head unit and then look for the audio settings menu.

Next, all you have to do is set Bass, Treble, Balance, Fader to position 0. However, before doing this, make sure all the car windows are tightly closed and you are sitting in the driver’s seat facing forward.

2. Adjust the Sound to Balance

The next way to set car audio is to make balance settings. You have to do this step so that the sound produced by the four car speakers is balanced between the front and rear.

Generally, in a balance condition of 0, the sound of the front right speaker will sound stronger. This is because the front right speaker is closer to the ear so that the sound produced reaches the ear faster than the left speaker.

In order for the sound to sound equal or balanced, the maximum possible setting. When it’s balanced, you can hear the singer’s vocals from the center of the front. However, if your car’s audio already uses a tweeter on the A pillar, the singer’s vocals will be heard from in front of you.

3. Perform Fader Settings

The next way to set car audio is to adjust the sound that is issued between the front and rear. To make this setting, first select the Fader menu found on the head unit.

If your car uses oval-shaped speakers, the sound produced usually sounds lower (bass) than round-shaped speakers. The problem is when the Fader is in position 0, the bass sound will be heard clearly from behind.

The solution so that the four sounds coming out of the speakers sound balanced from the driver’s seat position, you can reduce the sound level from the front so that the sounds of the rear and front speakers are completely balanced.

4. Perform Bass & Treble Settings

The last step in setting up car audio is to adjust the bass sound (low) and treble sound (high). In some head units there are those that provide middle (medium) sound settings.

In this setting, you can do it according to taste. However, try to set the high voice first and then the middle voice, then adjust the low voice. Adjust until the sound produced sounds good and in harmony between the high and low tones.

Those are some ways to install the correct car audio. Easy isn’t it? You can do this method yourself at home. However, if it’s difficult, you can ask for help from a technician at the workshop.

That’s the review that have prepared and explain about How To: A Automobile Stereo Installation Guide And Components. That is all and thank you!!