What is Business Intelligence Responsibilities, Skills, Career Paths

Business Intelligence Responsibilities – A business intelligence relies heavily on data to be able to carry out analysis and then convert it into a new opportunity or breakthrough to develop the company’s business.

This huge responsibility makes business intelligence have an important position in a company. In practice, business intelligence is often equated with business analyst.

Both are equally important but have fundamental differences. Business analyst only has a duty to the extent of analyzing data, while business intelligence is required to present the results of the analysis.

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What is Business Intelligence Responsibilities ?

This position is a position for people who are looking for ways and methodologies to analyze information about a business, reported by Educba.

It is different with Robert Half who believes that the results of the analysis conducted on this business data will later become a reference in working with other staff.

Just like other positions, this position is fairly important in a company. The reason is, they will be the ones who determine the direction and business strategy of the company.

Wrong strategy, can disrupt the business plan that has been set by the company. Therefore, business intelligence is also often called a business tactician.


However, they differ from business analytics. If business analysis only analyzes it, the person working in this position should be able to describe the results of the analysis.

Before digging deeper, let’s first unite our understanding of “what is business intelligence”. The term business intelligence itself can refer to a profession and also refers to an activity carried out by the company.

But in this explanation, Binar will explain in more depth about business intelligence as a profession. Business intelligence is a role in a company that is responsible for finding methods of analyzing information related to the company’s business.

Business Intelligence Skills and Qualifications

The qualifications of a business intelligence practitioner are generally as follows, as reported by Discover Data Science:

  • Have an education major in information systems, data science, computer science, business administration, economics, engineering, or other majors that can give you knowledge about business processes and data processing.
  • Have work experience at least internship experience in the related field.
  • It is highly recommended to take a certification in the field of business intelligence to increase self-credibility. The recommended certification includes Microsoft Certified, Data Analyst
  • Associate and TDWI Certified Business Intelligence Professional.
  • Meanwhile, the skills that must be owned by a business intelligence are as follows.

Business intelligence is one aspect that will assist companies in determining marketing strategies based on market data. The data set will then be processed by a BI (Business Intelligence) using the appropriate methods, tools and software.

Judging from its duties, business intelligence is important, but not a few industries do not recognize it. The existence and benefits of business intelligence are very important in a company.

A business intelligence will be in charge of planning, managing data and providing the final result in the form of information that is easy to understand for all stakeholders in the business. Then, what are the tasks and examples of implementing business intelligence in companies?

1. Data Analysis

Business intelligence practitioners also need to master data analysis skills. The data that has been processed through the data mining process will then be analyzed further. The results of this analysis will greatly assist the company’s decision making in the future.

2. Data Mining

Data mining is the process of sorting a number of data to then identify the data pattern. It is this pattern that will later be explored again in relation to business processes.

Data mining includes methods related to machine learning, statistics, and database systems. So, you also need to have these skillsets in order to complete the data mining process optimally.

3. Data Visualization

For ordinary people, the data set presented may be difficult to understand if it is not visualized properly. Therefore, you also need to master data visualization skills so that relevant stakeholders can understand the results of the data analysis that has been carried out.

4. Programming Language

Another hard skill needed, of course, is mastery of programming languages. In order for you to have flexibility in collecting and analyzing data, the programming language skills you need to have must also be flexible.

According to Finances Online, some of the most widely used programming languages are as follows:

  • Java
  • Pythons
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • PHP
  • PERL

In addition, SQL is also a programming language that is quite commonly used in business intelligence tools.

5. Critical thinking

Another soft skill required is the ability to think critically. Without the ability to think critically, the resulting insights may not be very sharp or useful for the smooth running of the company’s business, no matter how complete the data that has been obtained.

The essence of this intelligence process is to solve a problem. Therefore, this critical thinking ability is needed so that companies can make the most logical and best decisions from the available alternatives.

6. Communication

It will be quite difficult for a business intelligence to convey the insights he gets from data processing if he does not have qualified communication skills.

Apart from that, you will definitely collaborate with other divisions to make it easier for you to obtain the data you need. If it is not conveyed effectively, the process going forward is likely to be hampered due to miscommunication.

Skills a Business Intelligence Must Have

The position of business intelligence in a company is so important, it’s no wonder that the salary offered is generally higher. Did this make you interested in pursuing the business intelligence profession?


If indeed you are interested in this one profession, there are several skills that must be possessed. You must have the hard and soft skills below before becoming a business intelligence.‍

a. Communication Skills

The last skill that should not be missed by a business intelligence is communication. As you already know, a business intelligence is not only assigned to analyze data. It is also required to be able to communicate the results of its analysis with other related parties.

That’s why communication skills are very important to have. You must be able to convey the results of the analysis so that it can be well understood by interested parties.

b. SQL

Jobs as business intelligence have a very close relationship with data. You need to know that to process data, not only Excel can be used. At a higher level, you need SQL to process data.

SQL itself is short for Structured Query Language. With SQL, you can perform various data manipulations starting from creating, reading, editing, and deleting it. These manipulations are more commonly called CRUD.

c. MicrosoftExcel

Excel is an application from Microsoft that is intended for data processing. Besides being able to process data, this application also provides options for displaying or visualizing data easily.

MS Excel can also be categorized as one of the most basic applications that can be used to process data. That’s why you should master Excel before becoming a business intelligence. If you already master Excel, learning other tools will be easier.

d. Analysis

One of the important soft skills that must be owned by a business intelligence is analytical skills. Apart from being closely related to data, this profession cannot be separated from analysis.

Someone with good analytical skills tends to think more critically. This is really needed by a business intelligence to be able to analyze company data properly. Responsibilities that must be fulfilled can be completed more quickly.

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