5 Tips For Beginning a Successful Coffee Franchise The Bestseller

Tips for Beginning a Successful Coffee Franchise – Coffee is becoming a popular drink, especially among millennial or contemporary youth. Meanwhile, Indonesia has a considerable opportunity to produce ready-to-drink coffee.

That is what makes the opportunities for the coffee business even better and increasing. You can also start a coffee business. But before you actually open a business in this coffee sector, you should do some research first.

Because almost every place has a shop or coffee shop. This business is indeed mushrooming in various circles of society. You also have to make a business plan first, before starting to open this business.

A place that is also often called a “Coffee Shop” is a type of business that serves various kinds of coffee, sometimes also providing other hot drinks and snacks as a complement. The existence of coffee shops and cafes has been increasingly popping up in big and small cities.

This is due to the lifestyle of modern society which often makes coffee shops a fun place to hang out with family and friends. In addition, the emergence of contemporary types of coffee is also one of the motivations.

Here Terraveu.com will give you 5 Tips For Beginning a Successful Coffee Franchise The Bestseller that we have prepared and explained. Check out the full review as follows !!

5 Tips For Beginning a Successful Coffee Franchise The Bestseller

Coffee is still the prima donna of Indonesian society today. Coffee can be served while hanging out with friends, reading books, even doing assignments. Therefore, contemporary coffee is the right choice for doing business.

These are tips for success in opening a modern coffee business. Coffee is one of the most promising businesses. Experts say that the world’s people can consume around 2.5 billion cups of coffee a day.


This is the reason why the coffeeshop business is estimated to grow by 67 percent since 2022. Don’t just open a shop, you need to pay attention to several strategies to avoid losses.

Even though coffee is known as one of the most profitable businesses nowadays, it cannot be denied that you also run the risk of failing. Because, currently there are many coffee shops that quite exist in several places.

Below are 5 Tips for Beginning a Successful Coffee Franchise The Bestseller that Terraveu.com have prepared for you, including:

1. Setting up the Right Business Concept for this Coffee Business

Make a business plan that is mature and of course appropriate. You can make a list of reasons for what your goals are in opening this business.

Who are your competitors, the uniqueness of this coffee business, and the target market. After that, calculate how much capital is needed and how much is the profit.


Also prepare several steps in carrying out business operations, coffee business promotion strategies that are carried out, and what you want to achieve in running this business. With a mature concept and planning, the running of this business can be smoother and more focused.

2. Determining Target Market

The target market is also an important thing that must be determined when opening a coffee business. With a clear target market, how to attract consumers can also be more effective. For example, when you want to open a modern coffee business with a young millennial target market.


Then you can create a business concept that is cheerful and up to date. However, if the target market is office workers, then you can add a snack variant. With a warm atmosphere and can be used as a comfortable meeting place.

3. Choose a Strategic Location


With a strategic location, this business or business will attract the attention of many people. So they will try to come to your shop or coffee shop.

This strategic location can be in the form of office areas, campuses, or close to settlements that are frequented by vehicles and many people.

4. Use Contemporary Exterior and Interior Decorations

It is undeniable that the beauty of the design and decoration of a coffee shop is also an important point to attract consumers. For this reason, as a business owner you must keep up with the times.


So that the decorations on the exterior and interior must also be up to date or up to date. That way consumers will be interested in visiting your coffee shop.

5. Choosing the Right Barista

Baristas or coffee makers are one of the important keys to a coffee business. The ability of a barista to mix coffee will be an added point for your coffee business. The taste of coffee that is delicious, unique and different from others can also be an attraction for your business.


With these tips, you can get a real picture that will be very useful when you are about to run a coffee business. If you need accurate and precise advice, you can also consult a business expert or business coach. That way, the coffee business that you run can be more planned.

Benefits Of a Coffee Shop Business

Even though modern cafes keep popping up offering classy menus and comfortable places, they don’t necessarily kill the coffee shop or warkop business.


Different from modern coffee shops or cafes, coffee shop consumers are indeed closer and tend to be chosen by the middle class. However, the warkop business still has economic appeal for the owner. For warkop business actors, these are the six advantages they experience in this business.

a. The Price Is Cheap

To enjoy a cup of coffee and other drinks at a warkop, you only need to spend around IDR 5 to 10 thousand, while enjoying existing facilities such as television, newspapers, magazines, chess boards, and wifi.

This is provided so that customers are more comfortable in the warkop. Apart from drinks, other mainstay menus are boiled noodles, various fried foods, packaged rice.

b. Fairly High Profits

Because the price is so cheap, the average daily sales turnover is high, it can even reach 500 thousand – 1 million rupiah per day, with an average net profit of around 40 percent.

This is because customers who sit in warkop, especially at night hours, often make repeat purchases, either for the same menu or other drinks and food menus.

c. The Culture of Indonesian People who Like to Drink Coffee

The culture of Indonesian people who like to drink coffee, and enjoy gathering and interacting with other people, has made warkop a friend for all levels of society.

Not infrequently, certain warkop have their own name for their regular customers. Usually the name of this warkop uses the owner’s name, the road around it, or the characteristics of the warkop.

At a coffee shop, we can meet new people or make appointments with friends and enjoy cheap drinks and food. No wonder the warkop is always busy and never empty.

d. Warkop Open 24 Hours

Another advantage of the warkop business is that these warkop are often open 24 hours non-stop, especially those that are open in crowded places.

Such as terminals, stations, factories, housing, and others. Simply by recruiting 1-2 employees, the shop owner can open his coffee shop full day.

e. Does Not Require a Large Place

Unlike modern cafes, another advantage of a warkop business is that it does not require a large area. Quite a minimalist place and has several long tables and benches that are enough to accommodate several buyers. Practical and cost-effective!

That’s the review that Terraveu.com has prepared and explains the 5 Tips For Beginning a Successful Coffee Franchise The Bestseller. That is all and thank you!!