Making Cash With Articles: Sleep With Yourself Internet Style

Making Cash With Articles – Writing articles and getting paid up to millions can be a solution for those of you who like to write and at the same time earn income in return. So, there are several websites that can channel your interest, especially as a freelance writer.

Interestingly, this way of becoming a writer via a website writing articles online usually applies lighter rules than conventional media, especially the income you get is higher so you can save it.

Writing is a hobby that many people are involved in. As long as you live, at least you will have one friend who likes to write or maybe, you yourself have a hobby of writing?

Having a paid hobby is the dream of many people. You are also included, right? A job that fits your passion will certainly be fun. So, if you have a hobby of writing, you have a great opportunity to earn income from this hobby.

So, how do you get income from writing? Don’t be confused, this article will explain it in full. However, let’s first understand the steps that must be prepared to earn money from writing for beginners.

7 Making Cash With Articles

As we know, writing is a very cool hobby to live. Becoming an article writer is everyone’s dream. Writing articles can make money.


Well, if you are looking for ways to earn money writing articles, then this article is for you. The guide below contains ways to earn money from writing articles in the media, both print and online (including personal blogs).

1. Write Online Reviews

Many people prefer to hear other people’s experiences, such as reviews of a product before buying it. That is the reason why people first read reviews from a site or blog before deciding to buy an item.

And, don’t be surprised if sites that contain product reviews are very crowded. Why do people want to write product reviews?

Apparently, writing a product review on a website or blog can make money. To start making money, you can sign up for a few websites as a writer or create your own blog.

On sites that accept author reviews, you can review books, movies, mobile phones, cars or even video games.

In fact, if you are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of cars, for example, you can build a website that specifically discusses cars.

Initially, of course, not many people glance at your website/blog, but over time, they will become loyal visitors. That’s when you start making money.

2. Participate in a Writing Competition

There are tons of writing competitions every month with cash prizes of up to tens of millions. In fact, many brands now routinely hold blog contests with tempting prizes. Entering a writing contest will look great on your Curriculum Vitae (CV) if you win.

Not only writing competitions, many brands even hold SEO blog competitions where the winner is determined based on search engine results. This is of course great if you enjoy competing.

Participating in writing competitions is a great way to sharpen your writing skills and make some money while you’re at it.

3. Become a Freelance Journalist

Journalism is a career for anyone who has a love and talent for writing. Many websites now accept writing from freelance writers.

Hiring freelance writers is more profitable for the media, because they only pay per article that is published.

It is important to note that the media is a competitive industry and offers low pay for young writers.

You may need some experience before considering this option. However, if you are able to produce quality writing, you will enjoy being a freelance writer more and take this profession in a relaxed manner.

You see, you can write from anywhere. While it’s not always easy, it is possible to make money as a freelance journalist.

This is a great option for those who have a strong news sense and can find interesting stories from every event and moment observed.

As a freelance writer, you can earn up to IDR 1 million for published articles. The pay will even be higher if your articles are custom ordered.

4. Creating Blogs

It is important for a writer to create a monetized blog. Your blog is a great place to promote your articles and get a bigger following.

Creating a blog is one way to get money from writing highly recommended blog articles. You can start a blog for free on WordPress, Wix, or Weebly.

You will be able to create a portfolio or sell your products on any of these platforms. You can also join affiliate programs to earn commissions when your readers make purchases or register accounts.

5. Writing book

Every writer’s dream is to write a bestselling book and have their book reviewed in several media and news sites. The royalties from writing a book are not much, but if your book sells well in the market, you will get multiple profits.

You can write a physical book or a digital book. You can make a lot of money selling books online on platforms like Amazon Kindle or Google Book Play. Book prices range from $5 to $100.

You have to start small, writing short stories, poetry, inspirational articles, or whatever is your passion.

6. Ask for Tips from Your Readers

Many authors aren’t comfortable with asking for reader donations but a simple button that allows your readers to tip you off is not as bad as you think.

Using platforms like Saweria or Trakteer, you can receive tips from loyal readers of your work. This is a great way to earn money as a writer. Using the Saweria or Trakteer platforms is the best way to earn money writing online as a novice writer.

7. Ghost Writer

If you are more interested in money than fame, you should consider becoming a ghost writer. If you’re confused about how a ghost writer works, it’s a good idea to watch the Ghost Writer movie.

Steps That Need to Be Prepared To Write Articles

Steps That Need to Be Prepared To Write Articles

a. Start Writing

There are various types of writing. For example, knowledge books, novels, or articles. Articles are the most sought-after type of writing. This is because mass media platforms and corporate websites really need articles.

Articles are closely related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), namely the process of increasing web traffic. Companies usually run SEO in order to rank high in Google search results. The goal is to get awareness to conversion.

In addition to writing on the web mass media or companies. You can also write on your personal blog. Writing on a blog is the right first step for beginners to show their existence as a writer.

b. Create a Portfolio

The second step that you must prepare to make money from writing is to create a portfolio. Display your writing in a document. If your work has been published on the internet, you can include the link.

You can later send the portfolio to HRD along with your CV when you apply for a full-time or freelance job. Moreover, in the world of freelance, many clients ask for a portfolio to be used as material for consideration using your writing services.

c. Focus on Niches

You can write on any topic on the blog. However, if you have chosen a particular niche as your specialty, it’s better to be consistent. For example, if you have chosen travel and food, you should only write about that niche.

Meanwhile, if you write in mass media or company websites, usually the niche will already be determined. This is where the challenge for article writers. You must be able to master the predetermined niche.

d. Keep Practicing

Believe it or not, your writing shows your flying hours. It means how experienced you are as a writer. Are you a junior, mid level, or senior.

Well, the longer your experience, of course the more income you can get. Trends in writing also sometimes change.

You must always be up to date with the latest trends so that you are always relevant to industry demands. If necessary, you can upgrade your writing skills by joining various courses.

e. Register on Web Freelance

It is indeed very possible for you to make writing your main job, for example, content writing. However, writing can also be used as a side job or freelance.

To become a freelance writer, there are two ways. First, you can apply to companies that open freelance writer vacancies. Second, you can register on the freelance web. On this website, you can offer your writing services to clients who need writing services.

f. Expand Relationships

As a writer, you have to expand your relationships or networking. Relationships can become friends for learning and discussing writing.

You can get relationships anywhere, for example in communities or courses. There, apart from adding new insights, you will also add to the relationships and friendships of fellow writers.

g. Diligent Evaluation

In addition to practicing, a writer must also be diligent in evaluating. With an evaluation, you can see your weaknesses in writing, so you can fix them in your next writing work.

Those are some of the reviews that has prepared about Making Cash With Articles: Sleep With Yourself Internet Style. That is all and thank you!!