6 Best Online Digital Marketing Degrees Free (Bachelors, Masters)

Best Online Digital Marketing Degrees – You need to know what kind of digital marketing you want to do and which colleges offer these degrees. You may also want to learn about online learning instead of traditional classroom learning.

Both have advantages and offer quality education. It could just depend on how you study and if you have to keep working during your school years. If you need an online learning platform, you should look for a school that offers all the courses you need online.

The convenience and flexibility of online learning allows you to continue your education while meeting your financial obligations. It also gives you the opportunity to learn when it is easiest for you to learn and retain the information. Not everyone can do well in a classroom. With home learning, there are fewer distractions and students can study where they are most comfortable.

6 Best Online Digital Marketing Degrees Free (Bachelors, Masters)


1. BS in Marketing With a Concentration

SHNU’s ACBSP-accredited Digital Marketing Degree teaches everything a student needs to know to advertise on mobile devices, social media, and other online channels.

You’ll learn how to assess the metrics that are responsible for stronger campaigns and develop solid strategies for organic and pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

A BS in Marketing can prepare students for entry-level positions in the marketing landscape or serve as the basis for a master’s degree.

The so-called “Accelerated Degree” pathway is available for a quick transition from a Bachelor’s to a Master’s degree.


If you want to start a career in digital marketing, pursue a master’s degree, or start your own marketing business, SHNU may have the digital marketing school you need.

These courses provide the hands-on training you need to succeed in your digital marketing career, covering topics such as mobile marketing, social media advertising and digital analytics.

No specific ACT or SAT scores are required to apply for this online digital marketing degree. You can apply for free without knowing anything about marketing. You will also receive a decision within a few days whether you can participate in the course.

2. Master in Digital Marketing

A dynamic digital marketing degree that is updated regularly to reflect the latest changes in the market, the Digital Marketing Institute’s Master in Digital Marketing sets the stage for your new career.

Carefully designed to give you a deeper understanding of everything from marketing strategy to mobile and social media advertising, this online digital marketing degree can open the door to endless job opportunities.

Signing up gives you full access to the Digital Marketing Institute for regular industry updates and insights, as well as a globally recognized master’s degree.

Each program module contains interactive learning components, videos and quizzes to test your knowledge. There are even animated explanations and unique tools to explore.


Digital marketing enthusiasts aspiring to a career as a digital marketing consultant will also appreciate the topics covered in this course.

You’ll learn everything about communications in the consumer landscape, how to make your digital strategy more agile and flexible, and what it takes to strengthen your position online. DMI courses cover all the key elements of marketing, from social media and email to mobile marketing.

You will need a second-class bachelor’s degree in a related field such as e-commerce, business, or marketing, and one year of digital marketing experience to apply.

Alternatively, you can enter the program with a second class bachelor’s degree with 2 years experience in digital marketing.

If you do not meet these entry requirements, you will still be considered if you can demonstrate significant employment in digital marketing with at least 4 years of experience. If English is not your first language, you will also need IELTS level 6.5 or equivalent to apply.

3. Bachelor of Science

Developed by one of the most prestigious digital marketing schools in the world, Cambridge’s online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing helps develop the technical, creative and entrepreneurial leadership talents of students interested in advertising.

This cutting-edge marketing degree provides access to a variety of learning experiences, including courses designed to take you deeper into the world of research and learn more from market leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin and Simon Sinek.

Students will have the opportunity to develop business skills in addition to marketing aptitudes and acquire knowledge of web development, design, advertising and consumer behavior.

Designed for people with a passion for advertising and business growth, this digital marketing degree will benefit you if you want to take your first steps towards a career in marketing.


This degree goes beyond the basics of the Cambridge Online Digital Marketing Certificate to provide a globally recognized degree suitable for entry-level professionals.

Students have the opportunity to work with new and developing technologies, study new trends in marketing and learn from established experts in their fields. Topics covered cover everything from digital content creation and email marketing to viral marketing and web analytics.

This Cambridge undergraduate degree can also help you advance your career, as approximately 63% of graduates end up in employment with organizations that have a corporate partnership with Cambridge College Global.

Cambridge admissions decisions are made continuously over 6 separate undergraduate sessions throughout the year. Students can apply at any time and will receive a decision within a few days.

4. Master of Business Administration

This University of Illinois Master of Business Administration program, is widely published as one of the top degrees in the digital marketing industry, including the world’s premier digital marketing specialty certification.

The specialization examines various aspects of the digital marketing environment such as analytics, search engine optimization, social media and 3D printing.

During your fully accredited diploma, you will receive all the tools you need to gain a deeper understanding of marketing analysis, advertising and running a successful business. Students are taught leadership skills, as well as marketing and business development techniques.


Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, the Master of Business Administration program transforms individuals into confident leaders equipped with the skills to lead people, teams and technology. You will learn how to implement organizational strategy and plan critical business resources such as marketing campaigns.

This program covers the fundamentals of synthesizing and using data-intensive information, including a comprehensive overview of marketing analysis and reports.

As well as learning how to use marketing techniques, you’ll also cover topics such as value chain management, financial management, entrepreneurship and strategic innovation, and business analysis.

5. Online Business Digital Marketing Degree

This online marketing degree is actually a business degree with a focus on digital marketing. The educational experience looks at marketing as a component of building a successful business and combines insights about marketing with a comprehensive picture of how to build an effective online business.

You will learn to plan advertising strategies, analyze campaign results and apply various customer acquisition tools and strategies.


Rather than digging into specific marketing techniques, this course aims to equip business leaders with transferable skills, such competencies in data management and data mining.

Designed for executives or entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, this business-focused approach to marketing education will help empower the next generation of founders.

This course is also suitable for SEO/SEM specialists, digital marketing managers or email marketing specialists.

6. Master in Online Marketing

The online Master of Marketing, offered by Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business, can be completed in one year and quickly places students in lucrative advancement roles.

The Education Track consists of a total of 15 courses, each covering important topics such as marketing and customer analysis, marketing analysis, and MarTech fundamentals.


You can take elective courses in brand management and product innovation, and learn about specific elements of the advertising landscape such as programmatic advertising, social media marketing and technology marketing. Additional options have been developed for this course.

Like many of the best digital marketing schools, Santa Clara University focuses its courses on preparing professionals for the next steps in long-term advertising careers.

The skills acquired in this program will help you take on new responsibilities in your existing company or take on new roles such as “Account Director” or “Marketing Manager”.

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